Harry Styles’s sophomore singles signal energetic era

Patti Doud, News Editor

Cover of Harry Styles’s upcoming album titled ‘Fine Line’.

Many know Harry Styles from his infamous boy band days with the immensely popular British group, One Direction. However, after the band’s split, Styles, amongst other previous members, released their own debut albums. As Styles enters the process of releasing his sophomore album, the singles Lights Up, Watermelon Sugar and Adore You have shown a significant shift in Styles’s sound from the beginning of his solo career. While his debut self-titled album typically consisted of soft acoustic strumming (Meet Me in the Hallway), intimate piano ballads (Sign of the Times) or the occasional, strong rock sound (Kiwi), this new era seems to have parted from the mostly indie-rock essence. The first release, Lights Up, keeps a small sentiment of this past era, using soft acoustic guitar to complement the leading melodic mix of bongos and typical drums. The next single, Watermelon Sugar, shares a similar increase in energy as the song progresses. The fruit-themed song brings sunny images of summer romance, with a mix of lively and bold sounds to keep you wanting more. Finally, Styles’s most recent release, Adore You, shows a significant evolution of sound, which is guided by electronic pulses and upbeat guitar riffs reminiscent of a ‘90s pop song. While Styles has kept his signature solo sound complete with acoustic guitars and soft layered vocals, these singles could signal a change in his overall sound.