Opinion: now is not the time to reopen

Cassie Mohr, Feature Editor

   As of April 28, Ohio currently has had 16,325 cases and 753 deaths from COVID-19. While these numbers are growing less rapidly, they are still increasing overall.

   This means that what Ohio has been doing since March is working. We are beginning to flatten the curve, but our work is not done yet. Governor Mike Dewine should not be focused on reopening on the economy. 

   On Monday, Dewine released phase one of his plan to start to reopen the state. NBC4i.com has created a timeline for this plan:

   Ohio has made great progress, and while it’s good that Dewine is being cautious in terms of reopening, we should focus on other aspects of the coronavirus outbreak. 

   Testing is the biggest thing that needs to be expanded before we can consider opening up the state. The government is planning to start a testing expansion on April 29 that hopes to bring the daily testing totals from around 7,000 per day to 22,000 by May 27. 

   The state also needs to work on expanding contact tracing so those who have been exposed to the virus can get the help they need. 

   Thousands of Ohioans are out of work. Instead of trying to reopen, the state should focus on helpful policies like expanding unemployment and implementing a rent freeze.

   A poll conducted by Baldwin Wallace University shows that a majority of Ohio voters are worried the US is trying to open too soon. 70 percent say they prioritize public health over the economy. 

   Gov. Dewine has done a great job of flattening the curve. It’s important that his reopening plan doesn’t set back all of that progress the state has made. 

Source: NBC4i