Pence goes around Mayo Clinic without a mask

Abigail Markley

   Vice President Mike Pence went to Mayo Clinic for a tour of the coronavirus testing labs, however, he ignored the hospital’s rules that everyone may be wearing masks. 

   The Vice President was informed about the masking rules before going to the clinic. He later announced that he is tested for coronavirus regulalry and so are others around him.

   A reporter who was with Pence on the tour said that he was the only person in the facility that was not wearing a mask. He met with many doctors, administration, and even a patient while on his visit. 

   The Vice President often advocates for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines to help stop the spread. One rule within those guidelines is to wear a mask, yet Pence decides to not wear one.
  Many people who have witnessed the video of him touring or have seen pictures are angry with Pence. They believe that by him not wearing a mask, he is ignoring the rules and that he is above others.

   By him being a public figure, he is setting a poor example of how people should be dealing with the situation and that following these rules don’t matter.

   The Vice President has told reporters that he knows the guidelines however he is not concerned about spreading the virus because he has tested negative.