Prom planning springs into action


Junior and senior class officers Amanda Cooper (11), Cori Bohan (11), Donovan Varney (12), Damou Sakho (12), and Sophie Bordron (12) meet with junior class advisor Lisa Bobovnyk to discuss prom planning. This year’s prom theme, Masquerade, was voted for by students.

Carli Godorhazy (Senior), Reporter

   With the second semester of school starting up at Westerville North High School, the anticipation for prom is starting to grow. While students start to think about dressing up and taking pictures, the junior and senior class officers start to brew up a plan for prom. 

   Prom is often considered to be one of the highlights of high school, however, with the spread of COVID-19, the school district has put prom planning on the backburner. Westerville North student Mackenzie Arnold (12), voiced concerns about this year’s prom.

   “[The lack of direction for prom] makes me worried and kind of annoyed, I wish [the district] was putting in more effort for it and it makes me worried about if we’re going to have prom,” Arnold said. 

   Not only does the lack of direction affect students, but it affects those involved in planning as well. Elisabeth Baryon, media specialist and last year’s junior class officer advisor, helped plan prom for the past four years. 

   “The district decided 30 days before our prom date [last year] that we weren’t allowed to have a dance, which I was really disappointed about,” Baryon said.

   Baryon stepped down from the position this year and is now the advisor of the sophomore class officers.

   Amanda Cooper (11), expressed difficulties with the lack of an advisor.

   “We didn’t get an advisor until a month ago, we couldn’t plan [prom] without an advisor, so we were stuck,” Cooper said.

   Putting prom together is a long time committed process. 

   “You start months and months ahead of time, I think something that’s fun about it is ultimately the students are making all of the decisions,” Baryon said. 

This year’s prom lies in the hands of junior class officers: Cori Bohan, Amanda Cooper, Uzoma Fah, and Bernard Paul; with help from senior class officers: Damou Sakho, Sophie Bordron, Donovan Varney, and Brittany Abston .

   “Finding time to meet with [the class officers], and making decisions [for prom], can take some time,” Baryon said. 

   Seniors anticipate attending the first prom since the class of 2019’s prom.

   “Prom is what I look forward to the most, it’s where you go all out. You wanna buy the best dress and have a good group. I’m excited for my senior year prom,” Arnold said.

   “I’m really excited for how it’s gonna play out, and for everyone to have a normal [prom] experience,” Cooper said

   This year’s prom planning is still in its early stages, however, the junior class officers hope to produce something exceptional. After school Friday, Jan. 21, junior and senior class officers held a meeting to discuss prom planning with the new junior class advisor, Lisa Bobovnyk.

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