Maya Collins helps her teammates play in unfamiliar territory. The Westerville North Girls Varsity Basketball Team suffered and unfortunate loss to South 51-30.
The class of ‘25 takes their shot
Brittany Abston (Senior), Photography Editor • December 18, 2021

   The Westerville North High School (WNHS) girls varsity basketball team is known for their talent and team spirit. This season, the WNHS girls varsity basketball team...

Owen DeTemple (12) doing a recovery exercise for the quads. It helps to recover balance in people who have torn a muscle.
The impact of sports injuries on players
Carli Godorhazy (Senior), Reporter • December 17, 2021

   Sports can be very important in the lives of many student-athletes. Students can get passionate, and get invested in their game. Occasionally, incidents happen during...

Josh Tidd (11) a dedicated member of the Westerville Warcat’s hockey team. He is number 96 on the team.
Return of the Warcats
Brittany Abston (Senior), Photography Editor • December 15, 2021

   The Westerville Warcats Hockey Association (WWA) is a non-profit organization founded Dec. 3 2008. Although the WWA has been an organization for almost a decade, in 2018,...

Michigan fans celebrate their victory over Ohio State, 43-27. This was Michigans first win against Ohio State since 2011.
Fans remain hopeful after the loss of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game
Carli Godorhazy (Senior), Reporter • December 14, 2021

 It has been ten long years since Michigan has won against Ohio State, however Saturday, Nov. 27, the tides turned in favor of Michigan. The Wolverines won 42-27 against...

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Nick Rentschler (9) and Jared Corbett (11) play an intense game of chess. Corbett playing as black won the match against Rentschler.
Chess club goes beyond playing chess
Emily Widman (Senior), Reporter • December 17, 2021

   Despite the Westerville North Chess Club starting as a gag between two friends, Emily Rigo (11) and Erin Huynh (11) turned the lighthearted Chess Club into an escape...

Astronomy Club shoots for the Stars
Astronomy Club shoots for the Stars
Zachary Knight (Senior), Reporter • December 16, 2021

   Astronomy Club has prepared for lift-off this year at Westerville North. The club started small, but has seen major growth over the course of this semester. In its third...

Java Centrals outdoor seating, by night, transforms into a cozy performance area. 
Locals often gather and have a beverage outside to prepare for Open Mic nights, even in the winter months.
Westerville is waking up
Sophie Rentschler, Broadcast Editor • December 8, 2021

The “Origin Story” of Java Central Open Mic.  After a long social slumber, shops and restaurants are opening up again in Uptown Westerville. For a while now, New...

Student- Kori Mcclure (12) will sign to St. Francis university (PA). Mcclure plans on continuing her volleyball career in college.
The hype of college sports
Jolie Helt (Senior), Assistant Editor-in-chief • November 11, 2021

   The life of a student-athlete has its ups and downs, but for some high school athletes, the biggest question asked is what comes after. Playing at the collegiate level...

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Devastations following recent tornadoes
Ellie Bernard (Senior), Social Media Editor • December 17, 2021

After destructive tornadoes ripped through Missouri, many families are searching for missing family members. This gut-wrenching story reveals how a person’s experience with...

Keechant Sewell begins to rewrite the NYPD’s history
Cori Bohan (Junior), Sports Editor • December 17, 2021

   For the first time in 176 - years, a woman will lead the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Keechant Sewell will be an incredible stepping stone in diversifying...

Baker Mayfield’s Possible Last Season
Tyra Crumrine (Senior), Reporter • November 18, 2021

  Baker Mayfield has become a beloved quarterback to Browns fans everywhere. Unfortunately for those charmed by Mayfield, this could be his last season in the spotlight....

Changes to Ohio Education Requirements
Sophie Bordron (Senior), News Editor • November 18, 2021

    Although creating changes to education requirements puts limits on the freedoms of students course registrations the information they provide is needed. Creating more...

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