The Odyssey

Aiden Montgomery (11) and Kasen Knapp (11) prepare for a preseason scrimmage against the Mavericks U16 Pre-Post team. Montgomery and Knapp played together with the Warcats last season as well.
Warcats debut new prep team
Theodore Garrett (Junior) September 28, 2022

The Warcats Hockey Club prep team, a new addition to the hockey organization, started their 2022-2023 season with a debut scrimmage against the Pickerington Prowlers Junior...

Hannah Earheart, freshman at Ohio State, watched the Buckeyes take on Notre Dame on September 3 from BlockO in South Stands. Ohio State defeated the Irish by a score of 21-10.
The never ending drama of college football
Dillon Hittle, Reporter • September 23, 2022

College football is back in action after months of anticipation. Fans found themselves watching games that were simply exciting, and watching teams that are  not necessarily...

Westerville North students show dedication after their Frisbee tournament. Everyone is showing their unity.
The spirit of the team
Sophie Bordron (Senior), News Editor • April 20, 2022

   What allegedly started with Yale students throwing pie tins around campus in 1940, is making its way into Westerville North. Westerville North is home to the ultimate...

Trevor Newtz (12) fills out some March Madness brackets for his tournament.
Westerville North bracket madness
Donovan Varney (Senior), Editor-In-Chief • April 6, 2022

   The month of March is not only widely recognized for the beginning of Spring and the holiday St. Patrick's Day, but it is also known for the beginning of the National...

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Students schedules are weighed down by responsibilities.
Students put homework on trial
Hailey Tessman (Junior), Copy Editor • September 27, 2022

Wake up, go to school, learn for six hours straight, go to extracurricular activities for quite some time, then go home. Once home, eat dinner, and finally when it’s 8 or...

Students take a BeReal with Gabe Hall. BeReal appears once a day and people can take one picture a day.
Are we really 'being real' on social media?
Emma Blanchong (Senior), Reporter • September 26, 2022

 Every day, millions of people across the globe are encouraged to post a picture at the same time. The concept of posting these images and showcasing the faces and surroundings...

Maryan Farah arranges dresses while checking out the items in stock. Farah always double checks to make sure things are in their right place.
Almeda and Co. turned fitness into retail
Sadio Abdi, contributor • August 17, 2022

   In Columbus Square’s plaza a variety of different shops are all alive with their own patrons, but one seems to stand out: a tan, slightly angled sign reads, “Almeda...

Lilly Hammer (12) works tirelessly as she collects data for her Global Scholars project. Hammer is a passionate domestic violence activist.
Domestic violence on the rise among teens
Brittany Abston (Senior), Photography Editor • April 19, 2022

   Domestic violence (DV) is the abusive, aggressive behavior within a home, typically involving the harassment of a spouse. In the United States, more than 10 million adults...

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Editorial Art
Editorial Art
May 20, 2022

This piece of editorial artwork was posted merely hours before the horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts go out to the friends, families, and communities affected...

The baseball seniors play at Myrtle Beach over spring break. Girls soccer seniors before the season started in the fall of 2021
Leaving a legacy
Cori Bohan (Junior), Sports Editor • April 20, 2022

   For some, it feels like just yesterday they stepped into Westerville North High School (WNHS) as freshmen, for others, graduation has been a longtime coming. Yet one...

Incarceration rates have shown to be disproportionate towards POC, especially in the US. Many public figures have shed light on this issue in recent years.
Mercy is just not enough
Brittany Abston (Senior), Photography Editor • March 4, 2022

 Over the last four decades, the United States (U.S.) has witnessed an extreme increase in incarcerated citizens. Due to strict sentencing policies set in place during the...

Ansley Endres (12) completes her AP Statistics homework. Like many seniors, she is experiencing the effects of senioritis.
Seniors face senioritis
Carli Godorhazy (Senior), Reporter • March 3, 2022

   With third quarter being close to halfway over  at Westerville North High School (WNHS), seniors are starting to experience something that almost every student goes...

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