Teacher Spotlight

Brandon Trinh, General reporter

Mrs. Carlson is an Ap Government teacher at Westerville North. Mrs. Carlson was formally known as Mrs. Walpole, but changed her name after remarrying in September of 2019. She is a passionate teacher and loves her job. She says, “I love my job and all the students I get to work with every day, they are like my family.” If Mrs. Carlson had one wish it would be, “for my students to see themselves through my eyes, because then they may see and understand how amazing and precious they are.” Her favorite animal is a flamingo. If you have ever seen her room (room 249C) you are able to see how much she loves them, they are all over the room and it looks like a tropical paradise! Mrs. Carlson is not only an amazing person, but also an amazing teacher. She is able to bring up the energy with just her presence and makes you feel amazing even on the worst of days, this is why Westerville North loves and appreciates her.