Shakira’s tongue motion during the Super Bowl explained

Sydney Greenstein, Business Manager

Shakira did a weird ‘tongue thing’ during her Super Bowl Performance, and if you watched it you know exactly what I’m referencing. Turns out, according to Allyson Chiu of The Columbus Dispatch, the tongue motion she did is a symbol of her culture. Accompanying the tongue motion was a high-pitched noise. Many were confused about this until a few people online pointed out that the gesture is a zaghrouta. Which in Arab culture is typically done when there is joy or a celebration. I thought it was fascinating to learn about a different culture since so many Americans were unaware of the significance. I also think it is a little disappointing how many people were quick to act, judge, and make memes about it. I think this article shows that Americans should expand their knowledge regarding other cultures to prevent insensitivity like this from happening again.