Organization fund raises to create allergy-safe options in food pantries

Catherine Adams, General Reporter

An organization called Securing Safe Food aims to provide relief for food insecure individuals with allergies in the midst of a pandemic that has left many without jobs.
The corona virus crisis and the subsequent quarantine has created an economic contraction. According to the World Economic Forum, over 20 million Americans have applied for benefits in a month. This economic instability has left many with food insecurity.
For people with dietary restrictions, the inability to access safe foods is particularly harmful. “Due to increased food prices online or via delivery services, widespread income loss, and specialty items being depleted in grocery stores, this is especially a concern for the food insecure,” Securing Safe Food said.
In order to combat this issue, Securing Safe Food plans to team up with local food pantries in Connecticut, California, New York and Illinois to create allergy-safe and gluten-free sections in local food pantries. This ensures that individuals with dietary restrictions have access to the food they need to survive.
Securing Safe Food is a relatively new initiative, led by teenagers with food allergies who want to advocate for the food allergic community. Rachel Brooks, a 17-year-old, founded the organization.
“[Securing Safe Food was founded] to increase the food allergic community’s accessibility to safe food through restaurant education, ingredient lists, and allergy-friendly food pantries,” Securing Safe Food said.
The organization also has various resources for those with dietary restrictions on their Instagram, @securingsafefood.
In order for the organization to move forward, however, it needs donations. The organization is currently fundraising for the money necessary to file for a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. You can donate at