Kentucky grand jury brings no charges over wrongful death of Breonna Taylor: Editorial Reaction

Ashley Kisor, reporter

The grand jury of Kentucky brought no charges over Breonna Taylor’s wrongful death. 

“Every person has an idea of what they think justice is. My role as special prosecutor in this case is to set aside everything in pursuit of the truth,” Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron said. He also said that the officers who fired their guns and killed Taylor were justified in their act of self defense, despite how much of an “emotional, heart-wrenching case,” Cameron claimed it was. 

The police unnecessarily shot and killed Taylor and it could’ve been prevented easily and no one had to die,-especially someone innocent like Taylor. The police officers in charge of trying to find the guilty party could have paid more attention to what they were firing their weapons at, which happened to be a blameless woman caught in the crossfire.

“‘Outrageous and Offensive.’ Kentucky Grand Jury Brings No Charges Over Breonna Taylor’s Death,” Josiah Bates. Time