Trump and Biden Will Be Muted for Parts of Their Next Debate: Editorial Reaction

Ashley Kisor, Reporter

After the first presidential debate, the organizers decided to mute the audio of the other person when it was one’s turn to speak. This is probably a good decision, considering most of the first presidential debate was interrupting. Although it was laughable to watch our potential presidents argue, there wasn’t really much information about their views shared because of how much interrupting there was. Most of the interrupting did come from Trump, so most of Biden’s views that the public wants to hear were masked by him being so relentless. All the other debate rules are still the same; the only thing changed is the one who’s not supposed to be speaking will be muted. Hopefully, we can actually hear the candidates real views and intentions if they become president in the last debate on Thursday, Oct. 22. 


“Trump and Biden Will Be Muted for Parts of Their Next Debate,” Michael Grynbaum. The New York Times