Winter play brings entertainment during tough times


The cast of Over the River and Through the Woods standing together after a successful day at rehearsals. Photo courtesy of Paige Welsheimer.

Nick Tener, Reporter


 The Westerville North Theater Department is putting on their annual winter play. In such difficult times, they have been able to put out two plays, so far.

   Over the River and Through the Woods is going to be their third production this year. The play is about a boy who got offered his dream job, but his family wants him to stay home.

  A local resident, who has lived in Westerville her whole life, Abby Tener loves plays. As someone who goes to North productions quite a lot, especially the winter plays, this Westerville resident had this to say about the play.

   “You know, this play sounds super exciting! I feel like it is such a common thing for young people to want to leave and pursue their dreams, yet their family says no. I love the winter productions, I feel they are a great thing to take the family to and bond over. I am very excited about this one!” Tener said.

   From talking to the cast about it they all seem to enjoy the play. One of the actresses, Paige Welsheimer is very excited about the play and had this to say.

   “I feel like this play is the perfect combination of dramatic and comedic acting. I think the play writes are fantastic, and our director truly cast it perfectly! It’s a tear-jerker for sure but the tears could come from joy or sadness,” Welsheimer said.

   Welsheimer also said this about if the audience would enjoy the play.

   “I think this show has so much humor, that you will never stop laughing. Except, during some parts of the show, it talks about some deep subjects. This balance is what makes it entertaining, keeps you on your toes,” Welsheimer said.

  Another member of the cast, Sawyer Swick, was insightful about the workload of the play.

   “I’ve got more lines in this show than any one I’ve been in before, but it doesn’t really feel that way. It’s been fun learning them with the cast, and it’s been fun rehearsing with all of them. It takes the stress away from learning all these lines,” Swick said.

   A big concern about putting on these plays would be COVID-19. The Theater Department has been cautious about all of this. Swick was able to provide insight on the precautions the department has been taking.

   “COVID, while it does affect cast size and distancing rules, hasn’t been a huge issue so far. We’ve all been very safe; we check our temperatures before we enter, we wear masks and all that. The big thing is seating, which has to be reduced this year. So, get your tickets quick!” Swick said.

   This show is promised to be good by the cast, who work effortlessly on it. By being called comedic and a tear-jerker it will keep you entertained for quite a while. With limited seating, you will want to get tickets fast for this two-weekend special, so keep an eye out for ticket sales!