Researchers investigate link in blood clotting to AstraZeneca vaccine: Editorial Reaction

Sophie Rentschler, Reporter

The AstraZeneca vaccination has been seen to be a possible cause of blood clotting within patients. This is a major red flag for researchers. Their intense work efforts to find the relationship between clotting and the AstraZenaca vaccine has led scientists in the right direction.

“The AstraZeneca vaccine, in some cases, prompts overactivation of platelets in the blood, which can then cause potentially deadly clots,” Andreas Greinacher said at the University of Greifswald on March 19 in an interview with NPR. Researchers, like Professor Pål Andre Holme, came to a interesting alternative conclusion. Holme said ‘Our theory that this is a strong immune response that most likely comes after the vaccine,'” Slowly but surely, progress is being made alongside COVID-19 vaccine research.

Drawing big and impactful conclusions, thanks to the scientists across the nation, will only propel the nation’s fight against coronavirus further. The outlook of debunking the faults of the AStraZececa vaccine is looking bright. However, this process must continue to be approached one step at a time. In order to improve the COVID-19 vaccine itself, looking into these alarming incidents is the path of success.

“European Scientists Zero In On AstraZeneca Blood Clot Link,” Jason Beaubien. NPR.