Baker Mayfield’s Possible Last Season

Tyra Crumrine (Senior), Reporter

  Baker Mayfield has become a beloved quarterback to Browns fans everywhere. Unfortunately for those charmed by Mayfield, this could be his last season in the spotlight. With the Brown’s less than favorable 5-5 record this season, and Mayfield’s continued struggle with his shoulder, it might be time to look at new candidates for his position. It’s not all Mayfield’s fault: the Browns defense is currently sitting as the twentieth best in the league. Mayfield has one more year left in his rookie contract. If the Browns decide to sign him again for the ‘23 season, they’re looking at a 35 million dollar deal. Browns have the sixteenth pick in round 1 of the ‘22 draft. We’ll see if the team decides to draft a new QB in April. I think the Browns should stick with Baker Mayfield. Their problem now is that everyone on their team is getting injured; this should be their focus going forward for the rest of the season. Making a better personal health regime for players is important, and I believe that players who don’t take care of themselves know what they signed up for. This was written by a very conflicted Steelers fan and Browns admirer.

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Date of Access: November 16, 2021