The class of ‘25 takes their shot


Sophie Bordron (Senior)

Maya Collins helps her teammates play in unfamiliar territory. The Westerville North Girls Varsity Basketball Team suffered and unfortunate loss to South 51-30.

Brittany Abston (Senior), Photography Editor

   The Westerville North High School (WNHS) girls varsity basketball team is known for their talent and team spirit. This season, the WNHS girls varsity basketball team allowed two freshmen on this year’s season roster, one of which is Kayleigh Hilderbrand. 

  Hilderdrand proudly rules the court with the jersey number 11. She has been playing basketball for nine years and originally started playing on a travel team. 

 Hilderbrand is no stranger to the WNHS girls varsity basketball team due to the fact that her sister, Lauren Hilderbrand, is a starter on the varsity team. Aside from basketball, Hilderbrand also participates in soccer and track and field. 

  Because underclassmen varsity athletes are often perceived as inexperienced, Hilderbrand expressed that she often feels pressure on the court. 

  “It’s nerve wracking because I feel like, if I mess up, I’m letting my team down,” Hilderbrand said. 

  In terms of the season itself, Hilderbrand revealed that she has adjusted to the basketball team nicely, and has noticed her team become closer throughout the course of the season. 

   “The team was losing not only the game but we were losing mentally as well and once we came together and talked, we got out of our heads,” Hilderbrand said. 

   Hilderbrand has made an outstanding first impression on the girls varsity basketball team, and plans to keep playing at WNHS. However, she doesn’t plan on continuing her basketball career after high school. 

  “I don’t plan on playing basketball in college, I want to go into criminology,” Hilderbrand said. 

  Hilderbrand is looking forward to seeing what WNHS holds for her. She is especially thankful for her teammates and coaches that have supported her throughout the season. 

   “I’m part of a good program with good coaches and players, and I have fun on and off the court,” Hilderbrand said.

Westerville North girls varsity basketball team next three games. The girls varsity team is
currently 3-4.