The never ending drama of college football


Hannah Earheart

Hannah Earheart, freshman at Ohio State, watched the Buckeyes take on Notre Dame on September 3 from BlockO in South Stands. Ohio State defeated the Irish by a score of 21-10.

Dillon Hittle, Reporter

College football is back in action after

months of anticipation. Fans found

themselves watching games that were simply exciting, and watching teams that are  not necessarily their own. Let’s break it down: 

   On September 2, the North Carolina Tarheels (UNC) took on the Appalachian State Mountaineers (App St.). The beginning of the game was fairly normal, with the Tarheels going up 28-21 at halftime. The Tarheels then jumped to a 41-21 lead at the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter was when things got a bit unusual. 

   Chase Anderson, a college football fan, is not new to college football. “I did watch a bit of the App St. UNC game, that thriller, that game was crazy. [40 points in a quarter] is no small feat, almost unheard of, but at this rate college football is becoming a lot more high scoring so definitely was surprising, but I feel like we could see that again in the future,” Anderson said. 

   The Mountaineers scored 40 points in the fourth quarter, but due to two missed 2-point conversions, they ended up losing the game by a score of 63-61. Quarterback Chase Brice of Appalachian State threw for 361 yards and 6 TDs (touchdowns) with one interception. Nate Noel from the Mountaineers led the running game with 116 yards rushing and 2 TDs. 

   Quinn Farrell, a college football enthusiast, watched the ending of the game.“I thought it was crazy how [the Tarheels] let Appalachian State score 40 points on them in the 4th quarter,” Farrell said. 

    Week Two brought just as much excitement was the first week. The Ohio State Buckeyes took on the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Throwing for 351 yards and 4 TD’s CJ Stroud led the Buckeyes to a 45-12 win. Wide Receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. had 184 receiving yards and 3 TD’s, impressing a lot of people, including Farrell, who’s favorite play of the game was a 47 yard pass to Harrison Jr. for his second TD of the day. 

   Hannah Earhart, a freshman at Th

e Ohio State University, experienced the craziness first hand.

  “The environment was absolutely crazy,” Earheart said. 

   Even Westerville North has been a part of an unusual game this season. Westerville North faced off against their rivals, Westerville Central, which took up until the last second to decide a victor. Westerville Central won the game on a last second hook and ladder to wide receiver Jacob Harris, who then tossed it to fellow wide receiver Kobi Davis, who ran 60 yards for the touchdown to win the game. The play spread all over social media, including making an appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter. 

  Anderson, who was at the game, described the game as “heartbreaking”. He enjoys the craziness that both the college football season and high school season brings.