Is coconut oil nuts?


Rhys Barton


  Questions arise as people wonder whether or not coconut oil is something that they should trust in their food or on their body.

  According to the Washington Post, coconut oil sales have decreased by 30 percent in the United States since 2015. Before then, the oil had been enjoying record high sales; many believe it the decline because of its link to health hazards.

  Many people don’t know what actually makes up coconut oil. Bill Kerekes, Raisin Rack associate, talks about this subject.

  “Coconut oil is primarily made up of saturated fat which taken internally would metabolize slowly. It also contains medium chain fat (mct) which metabolizes more rapidly without storing on the body like saturated fat,” Kerekes said.

  Valerie Thompson, the school’s nurse, adds to this idea by saying why this oil might not always be the ideal thing to use.

  “One caution about coconut oil is that it is one of the most saturated fats, so it is not good to eat. People should really eat unsaturated fats and cook in unsaturated fats for better health,” Thompson said.

  There are many oils available. These include corn, sesame, canola, walnut, sunflower, pal, soybean, grapeseed and the popular olive oil.

  Some people aren’t aware of how many different oils that people use in their everyday lives, including many young people like senior Reece Warth.

  “I didn’t know that people use so many different oils to cook their food,” Warth said.

  Another reason that people choose certain oils over others is concern over their health. Some people are allergic to certain foods, which means they cannot use that type of oil, like peanut oil.

  “If you have a food allergy, you may not want to use an oil made of the food to which you are allergic,” Thompson said.

  Although coconut oil is often associated with cooking, people have been using it for things outside the kitchen.

  Coconut oil can moisturize skin and hair, with some people also using it to clean their teeth. Also, some massage therapists use it with their therapies.   

  Many people see this oil as the ideal option for their skin and hair. Actress Emma Stone has been quoted as a fan and the Kardashian family are supporters as well.

  Still, despite of the popularity of the oil growing, negative effects on the body are associated with its use.

  “People should stop using an oil if they notice any kind of an allergic reaction, such as a skin rash,” Thompson said.

  According to, many people don’t know they’ll have a negative reaction to an oil before they apply it on their skin, and they find themselves unable to prevent the negative effects that it can bring.

     “Also, skin breakouts, like pimples, may occur if oils block skin pores,” Thompson said.

  Warth admits that he didn’t know that people had to worry so much about something like coconut oil.

  “I don’t think many people realize that they can be hurt so badly by putting something like that on. It should definitely be talked about more,” Warth said.

   Kerekes echoes this sentiment by saying that people should do their research before moving forward with a certain type of oil because many of the ones found in a grocery store aren’t what they seem to be.

   “So many of the oils that America consumes today are very refined, unstable, and derived from genetically engineered foods that have been sprayed with chemical insecticides,” Kerekes said.

  If this oil isn’t a healthy thing for people to use on their body, Thompson insists they shouldn’t                                                                                                                                                                                            give up because many other options exist, also arguing that they should research the subject..

“There are plenty of other options. Google it and you will see the vast variety of oils and their uses,” Thompson said.