Civil discourse is not up for debate

Brooke Hoover, Assistant Editor

Live Stream January 27, 2021

Every year the New Albany Community Foundation holds a seminar on Civil Discourse and Debate. This year, the program featured former White House official, David Axelrod and Former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. Christie and Axelrod are on different ends of the political parties. Throughout the debate, both republican Chris Christie and democrat David Axelrod agreed the most important thing that this country needs to remember again is how to admire the lessons we learn when we disagree.

Throughout the debate, many questions were asked by students throughout Central Ohio. One of the questions brought up in the debate was about how, if possible, how would each person modify the U.S constitution. Former Governor Christie mentioned that this is a perfect example of how not every idea has to be an argument between parties. After Axelrod answered the question by mentioning things like giving women the right to vote earlier on and making sure that ‘all men are equal’ included People of Color, Christie answered the question by simply saying that he fully agrees with what Axelrod had to say. Throughout the conference and the multiple times that both continued to agree and support each other, the takeaway is to learn from disagreements and educate yourself on what you believe.