Athletes discover technological conditioning

Athletes discover technological conditioning

Brooke Hoover, Photo editor

Many warrior athletes began to wonder how they will get ready for the upcoming season, after COVID-19 postponed their preparation. To stay in shape for their sports, North athletes quickly turned to technology to continue their preparation for the upcoming seasons.

Reuben Simiyu plays football for North and is getting ready to start his senior season this fall. Simiyu and other football athletes have began to turn to technology to continue preparation for this fall.

According to, it is an easy to use platform that has been designed with the help of many coaches and trainers to help students and athletes get better.

“We’ve started to use an app called PLT4M which gives you at home workouts to do throughout the week,” Simiyu said.

Athletes have found ways to stay in shape and stay positive for their teams this upcoming year.According to, if football athletes do not put in the work pre-season, the lack of effort will be shown on the field.

Athletes have taken this time to adapt and learn new ways of conditioning because of the circumstances.

“I’ve learned that working out outside of the weight room is tough, there’s no one but yourself to encourage you. It’s not the same but I’ll get through it,” Simiyu said.

Adapting to technology instead of the weight room might be hard for some athletes. For Simiyu, he has learned how to accept the technology that helps them stay prepared.

“I believe they’re helpful because they take 30 min to finish and don’t require equipment,” Simiyu said.

Athletes at North are adapting to conditioning in different ways in order to be well prepared. Goals are still being set by many athletes at North and they are expecting to achieve these goals as well.