Polaris Mall shooting creates chaos: Editorial Reaction

Brooke Hoover, Entertainment and Social Media Editor

“Columbus police are looking for two male suspects they say open-fired on one another Wednesday afternoon on the first floor of the shopping center,” Dean Narciso. The Columbus Dispatch.

Shoppers took proper cautions during the event. Officers evacuated people to their cars two hours after the shooting took place to ensure safety. I feel as if the mall should remain closed until the suspects are found, especially if officials know of others that might know of the shooters names. Polaris Mall should be ensuring more safety and publicizing safety measures to the community for shoppers to feel comfortable again. As a local who shops there, it’s comforting to know how many police departments were involved to help the situation.

“Fuqua said there is no evidence at this point in the investigation to indicate Monday’s shooting was related to the shooting on March 3 when two men exchanged gunfire around 12:30 p.m. on the mall’s first floor. However, he added that ‘It’s too early into it so we’re not ruling anything out,'” Eric Lagatta and Bethany Bruner. The Columbus Dispatch.

The mall needs to be taking proper safety protocol since this is the second shooting in the past two weeks. It is unacceptable that Polaris has not incorporated any type of restriction or rules for shoppers to feel safer at the mall. I think back to when shooting were happening at Easton, a curfew was put into place. Maybe something similar should be looked into for Polaris mall.