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Max Garrett (2026) wears a Winnwell neck guard during his hockey game. Garrett opted into wearing this production, but youth organizations are beginning to mandate them.
Sports are taking a leap into the safety world
Aiden Montgomery (Senior)November 29, 2023

Sports are a big part of many people’s lives.  It gives people an escape from everyday life and takes them on a journey.  They have heroic...

Chester County Prisoner captured after two weeks on the run

Chester County Prison
This is a mugshot of Diego Cavalcante,. He is the inmate that was formerly on the run after escaping a Pennsylvania prison.

   A man was on the run in Pennsylvania after escaping a prison two weeks ago. The man is Danelo Cavalcante and he was in jail for the murder of his girlfriend. He stabbed her in front of her children, and was arrested soon after. 

The number of prison escapes has averaged four during 2022 and 2023. Cavalcante is one of the four so far this year. This was created on Canva. (Aid)

He is dangerous and was still on the run as of Tuesday Night and was seen on a camera in Chester County PA. Throughout the two weeks, he was seen many times by the citizens of the area. 

   He escaped from the Chester County Prison and is considered “extremely dangerous and you should lock your house and cars,” (CNN). He was also confirmed armed on Sept.11. As of Wednesday morning, he was taken back into custody. 

   A video was released of Cavalcante escaping. He scaled two walls onto a roof and crab walked up. He also went through many places of razor wire before escaping.

   The warden of the prison has addressed the situation. “They want to insure on how they know how this situation has negatively impacted the community,” Howard said. Using a heat radar and a border patrol dog, they were able to capture Cavalcante, transporting him back to Avondale State Police Barracks. 

   At Westerville North, assistant principal Matt Holmes has also dealt with similar situations of breaking out of class before. 

   “There will always be people trying to find a way around the system. I have to be quick to react and communicate,” Holmes said. The quick communication of many people has caught this man and also has caught many people all over. 


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