Mac Miller’s posthumous song brings nostalgia to fans

Mac Miller's posthumous project, Circles, to be released January 17.

Mac Miller's posthumous project, Circles, to be released January 17.

Patti Doud, News Editor

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On January 8, Mac Miller’s family revealed on Instagram that producer Jon Brion finished Miller’s last album, which he was working on when he died unexpectedly in September via overdose. The album, titled Circles, is a companion to Miller’s LP, Swimming, and will be released on January 17.

The single Good News was released January 10, and created a whirl of reminiscing for fans. The song contains dulcet strumming, and an upbeat tempo with soft vocals. It’s greatly contrasted with heavy, thoughtful lyrics, such as “I got the cards, I hate dealing,” and “all I do is say sorry, half the time I don’t even know what I’m saying it about”.

The juxtaposed, falsified happy, dreamy music comes in great contrast with the chorus, where Miller sings, “Good news, good news good news; that’s all they wanna hear; they don’t like it when I’m down”. He sings of difficult situations and a facade of fakeness, describing people who refuse to see the realities of life. Miller normalizes negative emotions, sharing personal experiences that allow fans to make real connections with him even after his death. Good News is a fantastic, surprisingly honest song that brings lyrical reality to a richly sweet beat.