Kelsea catches my Heartfirst


Kat Kojis

Kelsea Ballerini brings out Georgia Webster to perform Homecoming Queen. She took a moment for just the girls to be celebrated on Women’s History Day.

Kat Kojis, Reporter

Kelsea Ballerini took to the stage at the Columbus Palace Theater Wednesday night on March 8. The second leg of her Heartfirst Tour is in full swing and is exceeding expectations. I attended the show, purchasing last minute tickets, and I am so happy I decided to go to the concert. 

   Her show was very engaging, with lots of lights and visuals. There was a good mix of older and newer songs. Ballerini did a lot of dancing and the crowd responded with lots of cheering and singing. My favorite part was when it became more intimate with just Ballerini at center stage where she sang her more vulnerable songs about her recent divorce. She really held my full attention the whole 90 minutes. 

   The night ended with the whole crowd, led by Ballerini, chanting “I’m doin’ my best.” This became a very freeing experience, and left me feeling confident and upbeat leaving the show.