10 Netflix shows to watch during quarantine

Cassie Mohr, Feature editor

Need more things to past the time during quarantine? Here’s ten Netflix shows and limited series that can help you fill the void:

  1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. This limited series is the perfect escape from what’s happening right now. It explores the insane world of big cat breeding, selling and ‘conservation.’ You won’t believe that anyone featured in this documentary is real.
  2. On My Block. This Netflix original follows four freshmen as they navigate high school, relationships, jobs, family, gang violence and a treasure hunt. Its characters are endearing and will leave you wanting more.
  3. All American. This CW show follows a high school football star, Spencer James, who moves from a rough neighborhood in L.A. to Beverly Hills, CA. The show’s second season has just been put on Netflix and explores racism, gentrification, mental illness, family drama and more.
  4. Elite. Need a way to keep up with your Spanish skills over break? This dramatic Netflix original explore the students at a rich school in Spain and their thrilling lives.
  5. Queer EyeQueer radiates positive vibes only. Every episode, ‘The Fab Five’ visits a person and gives them ‘more than a makeover.’ They help those featured on the show gain confidence by redecorating their space, giving them a beauty makeover, teaching them how to cook and how to love themselves.
  6. The Politician. This show follows the cut throat student body election at an elite high school in Santa Barbara, CA. These students take the presidential election way too far, making this show a wreck you can’t take your eyes off of.
  7. Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere. If you’ve had Mr. Sands, then you know Boss Ross. What better way to calm anxiety than learning about the magic of painting with Bob Ross? Netflix offers 26 episodes of easy-going painting.
  8. The Circle. This show is dumb; that’s what’s so perfect about it. This reality show is a popularity game, but without face to face interaction between competitors.
  9. Designated Survivor. This show explores a different kind of disaster: What if all but one of the nation’s political figures died in a terrorist attack? Watching this show will make you thankful that we’re not experiencing that right now.
  10. The Get Down. The show tells the story of kids growing up in the Bronx at the forefront of the beginning of hip hop and rap in the 1970s. It incorporates the story of real life hip hop legends, such as Grandmaster Flash.