Five ways to stay connected with friends during quarantine

Cassie Mohr, Feature Editor

Looking for ways to stay in touch with friends while maintaining social distancing guidelines? Here are five ways to stay connected with friends during this time.

  1. Video calls. Most people’s phones or computers have a camera that can be used for video calls. iPhone users can use Facetime (which allows for a new group call), and non iPhone users can use Google Hangouts.
  2. Netflix Party. A Google Chrome extension called “Netflix Party” allows users to stream a Netflix movie or show at the same time as their friend, and it opens a chat next to the stream so you and your friends can talk through your favorite movies or shows. It’s free; just head to the Google Chrome store and search “Netflix Party.”
  3. Car dates. If you and your friends have their licenses, you can meet up in a parking lot in your cars and catch up. As long as your practice physical distancing (don’t let anyone else in your car, stay six feet apart, etc.), then this is a good way to stay in touch with friends.
  4. Discord. Discord is a free texting and calling app that you can use with your friends. Set up a server and add your friends to use it.
  5. Instagram live. If you’re looking for a way to connect with not just your close friends, but some acquaintances as well, you can start and Instagram live and talk to your followers.