Westerville North hosts “All N Olympics” for high school students with disabilities across the district


Noah Hohl

Students participate in the Javelin Throw at the first ALL N Olympics. Students from all three high schools joined together at North.

Noah Hohl (Senior), Reporter

 Students from the Warrior Athletic Leadership Team (WALT) guarded goals, oversaw races, and collected foam javelins thrown in a game on October 6th during the “All N Olympics,” a sporting event held for students in the special education program from Westerville North, Westerville South, and Westerville Central.

   The event took several hours, during which time WALT members hosted different sporting events, many of which were modified to accommodate different disabilities. The school mascot made an appearance, and pizza was provided to the athletes and leadership team. After the activities wrapped up, trophies were given to different schools based on attitude, energy, and sportsmanship. Athletes from the special education program also received complimentary jerseys, and everyone involved signed a banner to commemorate the event.

Stephanie McGeorge, Westerville North’s assistant principal, originally had the idea to organize the All N Olympics for the students in the special needs program. She worked with the special education gym teachers to find activities that students with disabilities could participate in.

   “I wanted Westerville North students to appreciate other Westerville North students, and see that we all have something to offer to each other and to promote some unity among people that aren’t typically friends… I think the special needs students appreciated being able to compete and being rewarded for it, but I think our WALT students really appreciated taking their leadership talents and being able to use them to help other kids,” McGeorge said.

   Not only did the event host Westerville North students, McGeorge wanted to include the other two high schools in the district. 

   “We thought there was no better way to be inclusive (than) by inviting the other two high schools,” McGeorge said. 

   Julia Nicol, a multiple disability teacher from Westerville Central High School, agrees with McGeorge. 

“[The event] is wonderful, it’s a good opportunity for the kids to see old friends from middle school,” Nicol said. 

   Abdi Jama (10), who attended the All N Olympics and participated in the javelin throw and other activities, says that he had fun and wants the event to become annual. 

   McGeorge joins Jama in his belief.

   “I’m hoping that this will be an annual event, or for the most part something similar. I think everybody had a really great time,” McGeorge said.