Caring and Sharing not defeated by 2020 – Community News Update


Emily Voneman, News Editor

Westerville Caring and Sharing began its mission of encouraging Westerville citizens to care for the less fortunate in their community in 1993, when it was officially founded as a charitable organization. It has been proudly fostering love every holiday season with its Holiday Project since 1988, in which participants can sponsor a child or teenager by donating items on their Christmas wish list.

Westerville City Schools students have participated in the program for several years. In the high schools, students competed against their peers’ advisory classes to donate the most, and a celebration was held at the end of the fundraiser for the top-donating advisory classes.

This year, COVID-19 has changed this tradition, but the organization isn’t giving up on needy families this year. Although the personal aspect of donating gifts has been lost, WC&S is encouraging monetary donations through their website. Students can also bring checks and/or gift cards to their advisory.

Visit the Westerville Caring and Sharing website for more information.