A not so crowded Black Friday

Mia Vennemeyer, Reporter

   This year’s Black Friday took place on Nov. 27. Unlike past years, this event is one to remember. With COVID-19 still being a huge battle, many shoppers decided to stay home and do their shopping virtually. In many ways, this was a positive. This helped reduce the risk of more spreading, because there weren’t people stacked on each other trying to grab the items they wanted, employees were less stressed, and shoppers didn’t have to brave the cold but could instead shop from their homes. Although there were some that chose to stay home, there were those who decided to shop at stores. The more we stay at home and away from others the more we can help reduce numbers. As long as we are wearing masks, using proper hygiene, and trying to distance ourselves from others the best we can then we can try and ensure a safe shopping experience for those who prefer in-store shopping. 

“A Toned Down Black Friday: COVID-19 dampens traditional rush to the stores,” Jim Weiker, Mark Williams, and Patrick Cooley. The Columbus Dispatch.