The return of the Silhouette


Zuhur Sofe (12) attends her first Art Hour. Emily Widman captures her first painting of her painting a friend.

Carli Godorhazy (Senior), Reporter

   With Westerville North’s Silhouettes intent to create, the impact of the art at North is starting to change. The Silhouette has been up and running for a full semester this year at Westerville North. With its after school art hours, students get to work on art and showcase their work.

   Aaron Taylor is the faculty member in charge of starting the Silhouette  
“The main motivation for the club is to present all of the great artwork here at North. I think we just need to keep that tradition going,” Taylor said.

   The Silhouette is a place where students can be openly creative. Expressing their art through different mediums, and opening them up to new experiences. 

  Caroline Kauh (11)  is the Editor-In-Chief of the Silhouette.  
  “I think it’s really our main purpose, to give people a place where they can share their creativity in many different forms and I’m really excited about it,” Kauh said.

   The Silhouettes’ open art hour after school has brought many different students together.

   “When we have our art hours, we have a lot of people all just creating and enjoying the atmosphere of it. It is a good bonding experience,” Kauh said

   Bringing students together and helping them to express themselves are some of the main motivators for the Silhouette’s art hour. 

   “[Taylor hoped that art hour would] foster a sense of community, and give people a place to hangout for an hour and enjoy creating together. Just trying to build a group of people who were interested in creating and being together is my main point,” Taylor said.

   Creating is what the Silhouette hopes to achieve. 

   “ I got to talk to a bunch of different people who liked doing different kinds of art. We were all brought together by the purpose of creating art,” Kauh said.

  With the Silhouette’s emphasis on unity, many students have been brought together to create anticipating projects. The Silhouette hopes for a bright future at Westerville North.