Bosler sisters rule the ‘Ville


Bob Kurvink

Sisters Madelyn Bosler (10) and Abigail Bosler (12) finish a race. Westerville North Swim and Dive team have their next meet January 28 and 29 for the OCC Capital swimming and diving Championships.

Ellie Bernard (Senior), Social Media Editor

   Sisters Abigail Bosler (12) and Madylen Bosler (10), have swum together for Westerville North High School (WNHS) swim team for two years now. Both are well-accomplished swimmers who have a plethora of awards and medals. 

   Abigail Bosler began her swimming career for WNHS four years ago. Since then, the WNHS swim team has Ruled the ‘Ville every year.

   “Being a part of the WNHS swim team has shaped my entire highschool experience. Being a part of a team who genuinely cares about each other has ultimately pushed me to continue my swim career in college. I look forward to the swimming season every year,” Abigail Bosler said. 

   Madelyn Bosler became a WNHS swimmer two years after her sister. Since the dawn of her high school swimming career, she has qualified for states, hoping to again qualify this year. 

   “Being a part of the team has given me more of a chance to get to know different people that I probably wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise, especially people in different grades,” Madelyn Bosler said. 

   This past Dec., the WNHS swim team took on both Westerville South High School (WSHS)  and Westerville Central High School’s (WCHS)  varsity swim teams as they competed in the annual Rule the ‘Ville meet at the Westerville Community Center.

   For the past five years, WNHS has held the title over WCHS and WSHS. This proud accomplishment is something the Bosler sisters enjoy holding above the fellow swimmers and friends of which swim for WCHS and WSHS. 

   “Ruling the ‘Ville means that both WNHS men and women scored the highest number of points against WCHS and WSHS. Basically, whichever Westerville team that comes out on top rules the vill. Specifically, I take an immense amount of pride that WNHS has ruled the ville for the last couple of years. It reflects the entire team’s effort and dedication day in and day out,”Abigail Bosler said.

    While the Boslers admit that it brings out the fierce competition, they enjoy the excitement of being able to spend time together as teammates both in the pool and at home. 

   “Seeing her [Madelyn Bosler’s] dedication to the sport never fails to amaze me. I love watching her outswim everyone with a smile on her face. She has pushed me to do things I never thought I could,” Abigail Bosler said. 

    Catch the Bosler sisters take on the 2022 Ohio Capital Conference meet at Worthington Pool on Saturday, Jan 29 at 3 p.m. 

Abiggail Bosler (12) and Madelyn Bosler (10) at the Westerville Community Center. (Ellie Bernard)