The case for Steven Donziger

Kai Dages (Senior), Feature Editor

Steven Donziger has spent the past 900 days under house arrest. What was his crime for such a lengthy sentence? Fighting for the lives of indigenous Ecuadorians that were poisoned from oil byproducts made from the oil company, Chevron. Donziger won a 9.5 billion dollar lawsuit against Chevron in 2011, they have not paid a penny of the $9.5 billion.

   As the Earth gets warmer and warmer we must all stand up to stop the effects of climate change. Donziger is one person who stood up, standing for the protection of the planet and standing up for the people of Ecuador. If we want Earth to continue we must condemn the actions of Chevron and stand up for Donziger and set him free.


Chevron’s Prosecution of Steven Donziger