Opinion: Hockey or football?


Many Americans believe that football is a better sport than hockey, but frankly, it is the opposite.

Dillon Hittle (Senior), Reporter

  Football is the most watched sport in America, but is it really the best? On average, a football player plays a total of 11 minutes on average. Yes, there are four, fifteen-minute quarters, but the majority of that time is spent in between plays, either in the huddle or walking up to the line of scrimmage. 

   Hockey is different. There are three, twenty-minute periods of constant play and substitutions on the fly. This is one of the two fastest sports on two feet (lacrosse being the other). 

   Hockey is also more historic, starting in 1917, with the original six teams; Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, and Chicago Blackhawks. Throughout the over 100 years of rich history, we have seen icons such as Mario Lemuix, Jarmor Jagr, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and the ‘great one’ Wayne Gretzky, and even better players play today! 

   With hockey, there is far more room for creativity within the game. From using the back side of your stick, to lifting the puck up and passing it to your teammate, to even lifting the puck up and slamming it into the net. 

   The hockey season is also significantly longer, playing eighty-two regular season games and a four round, best of seven playoff. On the contrary, the NFL season consists of seventeen games, and a 4-5 game single elimination playoff. 

   Overall, hockey is a lot quicker and a lot more physical than football, and this is why hockey is better than football.