Voting here and abroad


Emma Blanchong

First time voters Gaby Mercurio and Emma Blanchong on election day. Many Westerville North Students voted for the first time on Nov. 8.

Noah Hohl (Senior), Reporter

 On Oct. 20, 2022, U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation after just six weeks, making her the shortest-serving UK Prime Minister ever. She resigned due to pressure from the public. Before resigning, she fired many of her chancellors. She was replaced by Rishi Sunak, from the same political party.

   James Brady, a government teacher at Westerville North, was interested in the resignation, and discussed it with one of his classes. 

   “For British politics to be this unstable is unusual… In many ways, Britain and the United States are very similar when it comes to consistency, continuity, stability,” Brady said. 

   The United States is similar to Britain in more ways than one. With that being said, specifically, the United States also had a recent shift in power in the form of the midterm Senate elections.  

   Recently, midterm elections took place in Ohio on Nov. 8. Many Westerville North High School students were first time voters on November 8th. 

   The election ended in a win for Republican Senate candidate J. D. Vance, with a little over 53% of votes. Vance beat Democratic candidate Tim Ryan. Vance now holds a seat in the Senate, where he will represent the state of Ohio in legislative decisions and help the rest of congress approve laws. 

   Gaby Mercurio (12) voted on Nov. 8, 2022. Mercurio thinks it’s important to use your political voice to vote.

   “I think it’s important to have a say in who you want to be running certain areas of your life,” Mercurio said. 

Election Results from the recent 2022 election. J.D Vance won the seat for Senate and republicans hold the Senate. (Update: Currently, the Democratic party holds the Senate.)