North cheerleading update


Brooke Hoover, Photo editor

Junior Varsity and Competition cheer coach, Megan Hoover has been working on arranging the virtual tryout with the other coaches.

“Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, our program wanted to keep our tryouts around the same date as planned and to do that, the virtual tryout was the best option,” Hoover said.

After much discussion between coaches over what this virtual tryout would look like they came up with an alternative closest to what a normal tryout would look like.

“Athletes will submit a video with all the material required just like our program would do in a physical setting, athletes are then scored based off of the video submission,” Hoover said.

Many wonder how the North cheerleading program and staff feels about the changes they have decided to make.

“Although these are challenging times, we are thankful for the opportunities and technological options to allow athletes to tryout for our program and keep our season plans on schedule,” Hoover said.

For many programs at North, including cheerleading, many changes are being made to make sure the upcoming season is being prepared for success.

“Another change our program is making, is having football and competition only tryouts this spring and delaying basketball cheer tryouts later in the season. This allows students who have missed our first tryout to tryout for the basketball season,” Hoover said.

According, cheerleading teaches you how to be humble, learn from your mistakes, and grow as a leader.

“If interesting in trying out for North football and competition cheer, students can email [email protected] to receive more information regarding the virtual tryout. The last day to submit a tryout video is April 30, we will no longer accept submissions after the deadline of April 30,” Hoover said.