New Albany Lecture Series features “Live longer, live better” athlete and author


Lauren McCann and Nick Tener

Throughout his enthralling health-focused disquisition, explorer and writer Dan Buettner informed his audience of the secrets behind living a longer life. With his shocking statistics and helpful hints, Buettner threw his audience for a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. He drew a particular focus to a plant-based lifestyle, as he emphasized the fact that those who eat a plant-based diet live an average of 10 years longer when compared to those who do not eat a plant-based diet. He recommends that we, as humans, engage in physical activity each day, surround ourselves with good influences, build up a positive life outlook, and eat wisely. Buettner builds upon this as he states that by eating a handful of nuts each day, we can add an additional two years onto our lives! Furthermore, by eating one cup of beans each day, we can add an additional four years onto our lives! Continuing his advice on diet, he recommends that we refrain from consuming cow’s dairy products, focusing on alternatives such as almond/oat milk. As this three-time New York Times bestseller wraps up his discussion, he stresses that “bad habits are as contagious as a cold.” With this, I learned a great amount from Dan Buettner, and I highly recommend taking this set of advice into serious consideration. 

Blue Zones in Sports

Dan Buettner spent years upon years trying to figure out how to live longer and be healthier. During this time he discovered, what he calls, Blue Zones. These are areas that promote a healthy lifestyle and diet for people. These Blue Zone lifestyles can have a strong correlation with sports.

   When adapting to the Blue Zone lifestyle you become healthier which in turn can allow you to participate in sports longer, and be stronger at a younger age. It prioritizes simple foods such as fruit, vegetables and nuts to create a healthier lifestyle and body. Buettner has taken his research and applied it to his own life, within the world of cycling. By doing this Buettner had a lot to say.

 “When I’m cycling I feel stronger and more energetic than before, like I could go on and on,” Buettner said.

   He encourages us to start applying this lifestyle into our lives and by doing so you will live longer, healthier and be able to be more active in sports.