Day in the life of a janitor

Shaun Stiffler cleans the commons after lunch. Photo by Ashley Kisor

Shaun Stiffler cleans the commons after lunch. Photo by Ashley Kisor

Ashley Kisor, reporter

The everyday life of a janitor is one that is often underappreciated. Janitors make sacrifices daily to make the school and other facilities cleaner, providing a safer environment for students and staff. 

   Here at North, Shaun Stiffler, a well-respected staff member and janitor, takes a strong initiative to keep the school safe and clean. Stiffler’s daily routine is never the same and always changing. 

   On an average day, Stiffler starts with a morning walk around the school before everyone gets there. On his walk, he sweeps the floor, wipes down any sticky surfaces, and lets in the late arrivals at the front entrance. 

“I like to start the day off simple and easy,” Stiffler said. 

   Throughout the day, Stiffler checks the bathrooms to make sure there are no clogs and that it’s clean about every hour or two. 

   He also helps teachers hang things or change light bulbs, just whatever they need to do throughout the day. 

“I am always available to help out, anytime, anywhere,” Stiffler said. 

   Occasionally, deliveries come in for sports games or concessions and Stiffler always has to accept the deliveries and bring them inside for lunches. 

  Lunch is the busiest time of day for this hardworking janitor. He aims to help prevent messes before they happen. 

   “If someone drops a ketchup packet, I’ll pick it up to prevent people from stepping on it and creating more of a mess,” Stiffler said.

   However, sometimes accidents happen and a mess is left behind. 

“It can get pretty messy after lunch,” Stiffler said. 

“It is no mess I can’t clean,” He continued.
  After all the lunches are wrapped up, Stiffler takes out the trash and goes back to periodically checking the bathrooms and helping teachers keep their classrooms nice. 

   COVID has been an obstacle for Stiffler’s job and other janitor’s jobs, significantly more important because surfaces have to be clean to prevent spread. One of the main things that are different is he has to disinfect the most high-touch surfaces multiple times a day.

   “ [My job after COVID is] not harder, it’s just different and made my priorities during my work shifts change…trying to figure out the spacing of desks and tables is a bit more challenging,” Stiffler said.

   Another important aspect is the relationships Stiffler has created throughout the years as an essential staff member. 

   Lauren Hilderbrand, a junior at Westerville North, is an example of a relationship Stiffler has created through his  job.

   “He’s [Stiffler] is a great person, super easy to talk to during the day and very good at what he does,” Hilderbrand said. 

      Stiffler and the other janitors everywhere make people’s time away from home and in public a safer and cleaner environment. They constantly make sacrifices to clean up all things that others don’t care to clean up themselves. 

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