After going viral, is Crumbl a one hit wonder?


Carli Godorhazy (Senior)

The Crumbl cookies in New Albany. This is where the general public goes to get their cookie fix.

Emily Widman (Senior), Reporter

   Generation-Z has coined a new franchise as the next up and coming place for sweets—Crumbl Cookies. Featuring four new flavors each week that come in a pretty pink box received from their signature friendly employees, the breakout company seems perfect on paper. 

   Gaining its popularity primarily from TikTok, Crumbl started in 2017 with a few locations in Utah. Once their signature big cookies with their iconic swirl of buttercream frosting went viral, new stores were being built exponentially. They now have an impressive 400 store locations.

   Throughout their journey of becoming one of the biggest bakeries in the country, they’ve gained loyal customers along the way, and Uzoma Fah (11) is certainly one of them.

    “I love [their cookies] so much,” Fah said. “I love all of the diverse flavors and varieties.”

   But, Fah isn’t the only one—shift lead of the Polaris Parkway location of Crumbl, Lucy Grilliot (12), saw first hand the growth of a very dedicated fanbase.

   “It has always been busy, but not at the same level it was once Crumbl started to gain more popularity. Over the summer there would be lines out the door and around the building. People would wait a couple hours to get cookies,” Grilliot said.

    Many people question whether Crumbl gained their popularity because of their marketing or the quality of their product. Grilliot believes it’s the company’s promotion that gave them their relevance.

   “Crumbl’s pink minimalist aesthetic and rotating flavors is what made Crumbl become so popular,” Grilliot said.

  Despite their undeniable growth, Crumbl’s product doesn’t appeal to everyone. Connie Wu (11), for example, isn’t a fan of TikTok’s favorite bakery.

   “It’s one of those things where the cookies look nice but don’t taste good. Some are overly sweet and other ones are just dry and have zero flavor,” Wu said.

   By rotating flavors, and oftentimes introducing new ones, Crumbl is able to keep customers coming back.

   “I think the rotating flavors are a good idea for marketing, but not the best for keeping customers. If someone likes a flavor, they have to wait a certain number of weeks before it comes back. It’s also really expensive,” Wu said.

   The price leaves a bitter taste with anyone, customers and non customers alike, coming in at 4 dollars a cookie.

   “Many customers complain that our cookie prices are too high,” Grilliot said.

   Despite the price tag on their product, Crumbl has overall been a hit.

   “They are always so polite, and their promotions on social media are very compelling and successful,” Fah said.

   “I think everyone should try Crumbl because no other cookies taste like Crumbl’s,” Grilliot said. “I truly think every person can find a cookie that they love here.”