Leaving a legacy

The baseball seniors play at Myrtle Beach over spring break. Girls soccer seniors before the season started in the fall of 2021

Baseball Picture: Maria Varney; Soccer picture: Kerri Ward

The baseball seniors play at Myrtle Beach over spring break. Girls soccer seniors before the season started in the fall of 2021

Cori Bohan (Junior), Sports Editor

   For some, it feels like just yesterday they stepped into Westerville North High School (WNHS) as freshmen, for others, graduation has been a longtime coming. Yet one thing is certain, on Saturday May 28, 364 seniors will walk across the stage at graduation, towards their future endeavors. These seniors will leave behind a lasting legacy at WNHS within the sports programs, clubs, and academics alike. Their departure, however, leaves the rest of the students behind. They will be widely missed by juniors, who will soon have to fill the vacancy left behind.

   Lance Preston (11), plays on the varsity baseball team which currently rosters eight seniors. When looking at the effects of the class of 2022, Preston reflects on their character on and off the baseball field.

   “Besides their actual production on the field, their leadership is the big thing that stands out to me,” Preston said. 

   Ashley Kiger (11) and Cameron Angus (11) play on the girls varsity soccer team at WNHS. The girls soccer team will see 12 of their varsity players, eight starters, graduate this year, leaving the team with a massive vacancy to fill. 

   “[The seniors] brought leadership and positivity to the program. They brought us up no matter what. If we lost, they were always there for all of us,” Kiger said. 

   Angus reflects on how much the seniors will not only be missed on the field, but off the field as well. 

   “[The seniors] definitely had leadership, but they were also someone to look to. They were always there… especially with injuries, when I had my injury, the seniors picked me up,” Angus said. 

   Not only do seniors play a huge role on sports teams at WNHS, seniors also lead the way in extracurricular activities such as theater. WNHS theater’s most recent production of The Little Mermaid had 11 cast members and two crew members who are of the senior class. Ayla Dapore(11), who works behind the scenes has an up close look at the impact the seniors have both under the spotlight and behind the curtain. 

   “[The seniors] are very organized. [My] freshman year, everything was a mess but now it is very calm,” Dapore said.

   Dapore realizes that it is now her turn to lead the theater department and take the seniors’ legacy and make it her own. 

   “I’m going to need to be inclusive. I need to talk to everybody and let them know that they are a part of this program,” Dapore said. 

   Preston has thought about how he will fill the senior’s shoes both on and off the diamond.

   “I need to set goals and make sure everyone is on task at games and practices. [The seniors] set a good example, why switch that?” Preston said.

   All in all, juniors will have to bid farewell to the leadership and experiences that seniors brought to the table. But, the class of 2023 will now welcome the new year with an opportunity to fill the spots of the graduating class. Juniors have watched the seniors lead their programs in unique ways, and now, they will watch them graduate, with hopes that they can sustain the legacy left behind by the class of 2022.

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