Decision day catches up on seniors

Nick Thompson, Sports Editor

  Possibly one of the biggest days for a high schooler, decision day, on May 1st is quickly approaching. This day marks when seniors make their final decision of where to attend college after high school.

  Choosing a college is one of the most impactful decisions a student can make in their lifetime, so many would consider decision day to be a big step for a student.

  Many seniors may consider this to be one of their most important days during their time in high school.

  Future student of Liberty University, Emma Best, has credited her dedication and work to finding her perfect fit college.

  “I was most prepared to make my decision by touring all the colleges I was considering to see what is the best fit for me,” Best said.

  To celebrate this important day, Westerville North holds their annual “destination day” for all of the seniors graduating and heading to college. Destination day is also the same day as the nationwide decision day, May 1st.

  Graduate of the class of 2018, and current student at Bowling Green University, Deyante Johnson, expresses his feelings towards his destination day last year.

  “I really enjoyed seeing where everyone decided to continue their studies. Seniors should look forward to it because it is a bittersweet feeling of a new life,” Johnson said.

  Seniors taking part in destination day all wear t-shirts of their chosen college and have breakfast together in the school and take pictures.

  The annual celebration allows for students to take pride in their future college path as well as connect with other students who have also decided to take the same path.

  “I was able to connect with the people that were going to the same college I was, that way I wasn’t completely alone going into college,” Johnson said.

  Micah Thomas is one of the many students taking part in the annual destination day celebration this year.

  “I’m excited about destination day because then I’ll get to see where everyone else is going to college,” Thomas said.

  Many times destination day also brings unlikely students together if they have similar plans after high school.  

  “I’m excited to see where everyone plans to go and if anyone else is going to the same college as me,” Best said.

  The celebration also is one of the last in-school events which allows the entire senior class to be together at once. It is a good chance for students to see everyone at once and celebrate themselves all moving on in different paths.

  “It’s a great way to send students off because it gives everyone a chance to say goodbye while they’re all in the same place,” Thomas said.

  According to many alumni, the tradition of destination day is a day to remember for all seniors that experience it, and is well worth it.

 Another graduate of the class of 2018, and student at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Tyler Walden, expresses the importance of destination day.

  “I connected with a lot of students, and found much more about them than I had in four years just from what they were studying in college. It’s really cool to discover these tidbits about your peers,” Walden said.

  For the many former students who have undergone the stress of their past decision day, they really express how much the celebration by the end of it makes up for it all. It is a great thing to experience for a senior’s transition from high school to college.

  “Destination day gives you that feeling of an end of an era in your life. Right before graduation, it reminds you that your time in high school is almost over, and it’s time to take all that you learned and all the experiences you had and carry them on with you as the new chapter of your life begins,” Walden said.