COVID-19 global update

Abigail Markley

   Coronavirus cases have increased to over 1.1 million globally, while the U.S is at the center of the pandemic. The U.S. has more than 278,000 cases with 113,000 from New York. 

   According to Johns Hopkins data, nearly 7,100 deaths due to COVID-19. With half of the deaths in New York. 

   New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked on the topic and how he feels. 

   “It is like a fire spreading,” he said.

   Majority of the states are on stay-at-home restrictions in hopes to reduce the spread of this virus. Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that masks should be worn when in public.

   U.S. medical experts estimate that the national death count from coronavirus pandemic could reach 240,000. The total death toll globally neared 61,000 and is still increasing.

   Italy is finally having luck with the attempt to slow the infection rate with the restrictions of social distancing. However, Italy still has the highest death count at a total of 14,681 people.  

   The best option to slow this virus is to stay away from people as much as one can and follow the restrictions given by the state or national government.