Students intepret many meanings of art


Professional Photographer Tyler Patterson, Photo Courtesy of Brittany Abston

Brittany Abston, General Reporter

   Art, as we know it, is expressed through many different ways. To some, art could mean a quick snapshot of various trees in a forest, and to others art could mean the gentle vibrations of metal guitar strings. 

    Oftentimes, it is argued that there is no real end to art; for many people art is infinite. Is it up to individuals to decide what art means to them, or is there a general meaning to art that is the same to everyone? 

   Tyler Patterson, an established photographer, videographer, and graduate of The Ohio State University, brought up interesting points in regards to natural creative ability; stating that all human beings are naturally creative. 

   “As humans, we’re all naturally creative. Whether that’s in art, sports or even math. As creatives however, we come to the point where we must figure out what our art is,” Patterson said. 

   Avi Nelson, a sophomore at North High School has a more general view on art and its meaning. He views art as not just one thing, but everything at the same time. He explains that he uses art in his everyday life and even states that art is a language. 

  “Art is many things to me. I guess it’s better to ask what art isn’t to me, it can be your best friend and also be your biggest bully. Art is therapy, it’s life, it’s meaning, it’s communication, it’s a language it’s many languages really. It does so much and it can also do so little when it needs to.” Nelson said. 

  Jeremiah Ganga, a Junior at North High School, also has a more general view on art and what it means to him. He expressed that he makes art through music and his own song writing. His main goal when creating art, is to reach his audience. 

  “Art to me is any form of expressing yourself or expressing emotions/a meaning, whether it’s to others or just yourself. it also leaves some kind of effect on the person viewing the art,” Ganga said. 

  Although the consensus is that art can be as general and complex as one creates it to be, not every form of art is the same. When art is discussed many people think of paint and a paintbrush. By advancing technology and learning more about art, human beings have been able to personalize art to fit themselves.  

  In regards to art today, there is a possibility that the pandemic is responsible for allowing people to get more in touch with their creative abilities. 

   Due to having to quarantine and being indoors for long periods of time, Nelson expressed that he feels as though his writing style has changed. 

   “The pandemic and quarantine has given me a lot more time when it comes to writing and playing music. Sometimes I get lost and spend hours at a time playing or writing. It’s affected how I’ve thought in good ways,” Nelson said. 

   Patterson also expressed that he too feels as though he has become a better artist. Patterson further explains that at one point he lost his passion for creating art all together but found his way again throughout the year. 

  “Not being able to create really put a creative block on me at first, but I just had to remind myself with the help from some close friends that film is one of my passions and through my passion I believe I’ll fulfill my purpose here on earth with the short time that we have,” Patterson said.

   Aside from just becoming better at physical art, Ganga explained that throughout the pandemic, he has gotten more in touch with his emotions. He said that he uses his in touch feelings to create his own music with the intentions of touching his audiences. 

   “I would definitely consider myself a better artist now than before the pandemic. I’ve gotten so much better at expressing my emotions while I sing and play and I’ve gotten better at performing well enough that my art leaves an impact on people who witness it which I find to be the whole point of art.” Ganga said.